Our Services

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Why Work With Us?

Because we are straight-forward. We do not sugarcoat things. We work to give you the best solutions possible, everytime and on time.

  • Blockchain / Ethereum Development
  • Web Platform Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Responsive Design
  • SaaS Solutions

Our Services

Since the technology landscape is in a flux, we continue to learn new technologies and change our services according to the newest trends. Our services change when new technologies become available because we believe that we need to continuously grasp new things to take full advantage of all the development in the IT sector.


Ethereum Development

Codevigor Ltd is the first Mauritian startup to offer development of Ethereum Apps as a service to Mauritian and international clients.

We specialise in the development and deployment of Blockchain-based apps using Ethereum, with a high proficiency in Smart Contracts and Decentralised Apps (DAPPs). Codevigor Ltd is the first company in Mauritius to have developed a Blockchain-based for its Document Management System to create a tamper proof system for document authentication.

Web Development

We specialise in the creation of web apps for our customers. Among our products are sms marketing tools, mail marketing platforms, an online advertising platform and other products which are being used by our clients.

Chances are that you have noticed that we develop a lot of platforms and not simply web apps. This is because the development of platform-centric applications is the next way forward after mobile-centric development. Any web app we develop is platform-centric to allow the services to be extended as much as possible in the future.

php image java S image node image Sail imageanjularjs


Mobile development

Mobile Apps have taken the world by storm some few years back and it is still growing. Nowadays, having a web app is not enough. Having a mobile app is as much or sometimes much more important. We make use of the latest trends and advancements in HTML5 and CSS3 to create mobile applications that are compatible with most Mobile Operating Systems. This allows us to maintain our prices low when developing mobile applications.

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Responsive web design

Responsive designs are no longer an option. They have become a necessity. People are increasingly accessing the internet by their mobile devices, that is, smartphones and tablets (and maybe in the future by smart watches). This requires websites to be responsive to accommodate such a range of devices. Designing responsive websites without changing the structure of the platform is necessary to allow for greater flexibility.

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HTML & CSS Development

HTML5 and CSS3 have become the holy grail of web and mobile development. By using the prevalent technologies, we not only ensure that the applications will allow for continued growth but also take advantage of work done by the biggest technology companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple in this sector.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a very important component of small and medium businesses in the last 5 years. Taking advantage of this advancement to lower costs of technology has become a necessary step to increase in competitivity.

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