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  • StoragePlus.io
  • Simply Text
  • Codavi
  • M Tell
  • Internet Connection TrackerApp

Our Online Services


StoragePlus.io is an online Document Management System that allows you to scan, track and archive your documents. Once your documents are scanned and uploaded, they can be easily tracked, archived and retrieved electronically from wherever you are, using any mobile device.

Internet Connection TrackerApp

The Internet Connection Tracker App allows people to post updates about the status of their internet connection. This information is then compared to other people in the same region to determine if it is an individual problem or a problem affecting a whole region.

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Mauritius Procurement Notices

The Mauritius Procurement Notices App is an which allows you to easily track and manage procurement notices from the Mauritian Government. You can view the list here: http://publicprocurement.govmu.org/pages/procurementlist.aspx This app gives you a much more organised way to view the information.

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Simply Text

SimplyText makes it easy to engage customers via text messaging. Increase revenue, loyalty, participation, and appreciation with targeted texts.


Codavi is the first ever code comment platform to store comments on the cloud.




M Tell

M tell allows you to set up Emtel services easily. No need to remember the internet packages code and the number to which you need to send the sms. Just use the app and it will generate your sms to the right number.

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Green Products

Our main motivation is to create great software for our clients. We leave no stone unturned to create the best products so that all the needs of our clients are met. However, as a company, we are also aware that we have a responsibility to aid in the protection of our country and planet environment. This is why we have launched our eco-friendly software creation process which aims at creating software and solutions designed to reduce the carbon footprint of everyone who are going to use our software.

Our aim is to ultimately create software which will make your life easier but also help you to protect our planet. We believe climate change is a real problem. Our aim is to stop its progress with our passion and your support.

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