Mauritius Procurement Notices App

The Mauritius Procurement Notices App is an app used to more easily track procurement notices from the Government of Mauritius.

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As an entrepreneur, I usually check the website of the Government of Mauritius ( to get information about procurement notices that might be of interest to me. One of the main problems with using the website is that it is not mobile responsive.


Public Procurement Website


This is the main reason I created an app for viewing the list of procurements. The app also allows easy filtering of the different procurements. The full set of features are as follows:

  1. View updated list of government procurements
  2. Filter procurements based on keywords
  3. Send bidding documents by email

Some screenshots of the app:

App Screenshot 4 App Screenshot 5 App Screenshot 3 App Screenshot 2


More features will be coming soon but I encourage other people to send me any features that they would want to add in the app.

Best of all, the app is completely FREE. I hope that this app will help entrepreneurs as myself to more easily keep track of procurements.

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Nov, 19, 2016