M Tell – Emtel Internet Package Helper App

I am an avid Emtel client. I have been using Emtel services since I had my first mobile phone, some 10 years ago, if I remember well. During the first 6-7 years, I liked the services a lot, the mobile network connection was good, the 3G was nice and my Home and Office broadband was running at impressive speeds.

However, lately, Emtel services have lagged behind its main competitor, Orange. So, as a software developer, I started thinking what I can do as a customer, so that I can get better services. So, I put my creative hat and started brainstorming.


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One of the recurrent problems I have is when I have to set up my monthly internet packages. I either have to check on the emtel website or have to check my previous sms to find the right one. This is so inefficient!

So I came up with creating an app to facilitate the setting up of my monthly packages. This is why M Tell was created. With M Tell, you do not need to remember the code, for example, Sub Weekly, Sub Daily, etc. M Tell automatically generates the right sms to the right number and you just need to validate and send the sms.

Download App

You can download it here – M Tell in Google Play.

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May, 08, 2016